Saturday, September 5, 2015

Our Adventures in the Scarborough Marsh at Low Tide

We had the day off from school yesterday so we decided to spend our morning biking along the Eastern Trail.  We biked for maybe a total of two minutes before Jack stopped.  Off in the distance he saw a man digging for clams in the marsh and he asked if we could go dig for clams too.  The girls were just as excited to do this so we parked our bikes and spent hours digging for clams and exploring the marsh together at low tide.

 Here are Grace, Jack and Eve digging for clams in the Scarborough marsh at low tide.

Grace and Eve loved exploring the marsh together.  It was such a beautiful day...there was definitely a hint of autumn in the air though.

 I took this picture at the beginning of our clam digging excursion and this is when we were still "clean!"  :)

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the spontaneous play and exploring, and so sensory! They have such joyous attitudes when they go exploring, so open and inquisitive. And I admire you, Rebecca, for not holding them back because they might get dirty. They might get dirty, but they will have wonderful memories.


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