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Thursday, June 27, 2013


It was Sunday evening after we had just put Eve to bed when we first heard the soft rumblings of thunder in the distance.  We knew that a large thunderstorm was fast approaching.  Grace and Jack asked if they could sit on our front step to watch the storm.  "Yes...of course," Bob and I said.  We opened up our front door and all sat together to watch the first big thunderstorm of summer roll in.  The storm came quickly and soon dropped the temperature nearly fifteen degrees in just a few minutes time.  We gladly welcomed the cooler air, especially after having a day of very hot and humid ninety degree weather.  Grace ran upstairs to get a blanket, which she brought down to wrap around herself and Jack.  Grace and Jack sat wrapped up in that blanket while watching the storm together for nearly two hours!   Oh, how I love, love, loved sitting with Grace and Jack and watching the storm while listening to their many sweet conversations.  Grace and Jack enjoyed calculating how far away the storm was from our house by watching the lightening and listening for the thunder to follow.  Other times they talked about the storm clouds and said how the clouds looked as though they were "dancing" in the sky.  The conversation would frequently turn to discuss the herd of cows huddled closely together under a tree in the field adjacent to our house.  Grace was very concerned about their safety throughout the thunderstorm.  Grace asked me if she could visit the farmers house that next day.  Grace told me she that wanted to get the farmer's permission to build a large tent so that the cows would have a safe shelter during future thunderstorms.  One conversation I overheard that has made me smile many times since whenever I think about it was when Grace and Jack were describing what they saw in the clouds.  Grace and Jack suddenly became extremely excited (just as excited as if it was Christmas morning) because they could see Argentina and Italy in those storm clouds.    :)        

Monday, June 24, 2013


To celebrate the first day of summer on Friday I took Grace, Jack and Eve to one of our very favorite places - Pineland Farms.  We attended an ice cream making family program there in the morning.  After the event we enjoyed a picnic lunch together on the beautiful farm grounds.  It was such a great way to welcome summer!  After our picnic lunch, Grace and Jack went to play together in the farmyard family area.  Eve ventured off on her own.  She quietly walked over to the goats and stood watching them for quite a long time.  Eve eventually worked up enough courage to grab some grass and leaves to feed to her goat friends.  Here are a few sweet pictures of Eve and the goats...


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Attending the Maine State Ballet's Performance of Alice in Wonderland!

Oh goodness.  I am finally blogging about Mother's Day weekend now.  After this post, Grace's dance recital pictures and our vacation post I should just about be caught up!  

The day before Mother's Day I took Grace and Jack to see the Maine State Ballet's performance of Alice in Wonderland.  Bob surprised me with the tickets.  While we attended the performance Bob spent a fun afternoon with our sweet Eve.

The picture above shows Grace and Jack just before we left for the ballet.  They were VERY excited and so happy to be going together.  These two really are the best of friends!    

Here is Jack waiting in the lobby and studying his ticket.  This picture of Jack was taken just before we found our seats.

Here is Grace intently reading every word of the program before the ballet began!  :)

Our seats were located on the upper balcony.  Jack enjoyed looking down on the stage and audience members before the performance began.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grace's "One World" Concert

The theme at  Grace's school this past year was "One World."  Throughout the school year the children have learned about different countries, cultures and languages.  The school performed a "One World" concert where each class sang a variety of songs from different countries.  The kindergarten classes performed two songs from Mexico (in Spanish!) and danced a traditional Mexican Hat Dance.  In art class they made these sombreros to wear during their one of their songs.

You can see Grace in the picture above.  She is kneeling in the front row and wearing the blue and white striped dress.  The music teacher asked that all of the children wear the colors found in our, white and/or green.

Here is Grace and the other kindergarten students performing the Mexican Hat Dance.  Ole.

At the end of the concert all of the classes joined together on stage to sing three songs.  Can you find Grace?!

One of the songs was performed in sign language.  It was beautiful to watch.

I am so glad that this years school theme focused on the world because Grace truly  loves geography.  Grace, all on her own, has learned the 50 states and their capitals as well as where they are located on a map.  Grace has also learned all of the countries in the continents of South America and Africa and most of Europe.  Some of her very favorite books to read are world atlases and she loves to study globes too.  :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Celebrating Flag Day

On Friday we celebrated Flag Day by making flag pictures and paintings.  We had fun that morning learning all about the history of our flag and ended the day making these red, white and blue paintings.  This was supposed to be Grace's last day of kindergarten but sadly she was home sick with a case of strep throat.      



Here are just a few of our Flag Day creations! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

What's up, Buttercup?!

Here is Eve painting her buttercup picture!

Eve used a paint brush and her fingers to create her painting.

Once Eve was finished with her painting she decided to become a buttercup by painting her feet, legs, arms and hands!  

Our little buttercup!

 Eve's finished painting.

Today we wish Poppy and Uncle Adam a very Happy Birthday.  We love you both so very much.  Happy FLAG DAY too.  We are making flags this afternoon to celebrate!  :)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Eve has always loved buttercups.  It has become a late spring tradition of Eve's to paint a picture of the buttercups.  Here are some photos I took of Eve last week while she picked vases of buttercups for all of us to enjoy.  Later that day Eve also painted a picture.  I'll post pictures of Eve painting tomorrow.

Here is Eve painting her first buttercup painting with her feet back in June of 2011.  She was five months old.  You can click HERE to see the full post.  :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sensory Play


I try to incorporate at least one sensory activity into our daily weekday routine.  The most requested sensory activity is always "snow dough" (a mix of flour, lavender scented oil and glitter).  Here are some pictures of Jack and Eve enjoying this activity together.  I must also admit that I love this time of year when I can take all of our sensory activities outside... and it really is so much more fun to clean it all up with a hose!  ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013


I have been away from my blog for so long!  I can't believe that it is already June.  What happened to the month of May?!?  All is very well here...we have just been quite busy.  I think most families find May to be a busy month with recitals, end of school events, getting ready for summer, etc..  I will be back to posting once things slow down a bit, which I am hoping is some time this week.  :)

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?